Guitar Fretboard Blank | RAVINIA

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Black Diamond and Browns Point make for the serious and dramatic effect expressed in this material. The oldest outdoor event in the United States, Ravinia is host to both classical and contemporary musicians from around the world.

These blanks will show only the solid top sheet of paper, revealing layers only after cutting a radius on the face of the fingerboard. Each board will have a unique pattern of colour depending on where the radius is cut in the material and the diameter of the radius. This material is not recommended for flat fingerboards such as classical, ukulele or banjo.


  • Acoustically superior and consistent density
  • Moisture acclimated and inherently stable
  • Durable while maintaining an ebony feel
  • Hand made in the USA and FSC® Certified
  • Impact resistance and span superior to wood products
  • Machines with standard tooling

Dimensions 508 x 70 x 8mm