Guitar Fretboard Blank | ROSEDALE

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Inspired by Rosewood, we are proud to announce our newest colour, Rosedale

As world stocks of Rosewood are limited through overexploitation, Rosewood is now protected worldwide, no longer available to consumers to use for their guitar fretboards.  We are proud to have created a sustainable alternative to Rosewood, which we call Rosedale.

 A local town near Tacoma Washington inspires the name Rosedale.

Subtle layers will be visible as “grain” on the face of a radiused fingerboard in this colour.


  • Acoustically superior and consistent density
  • Moisture acclimated and inherently stable
  • Durable while maintaining an ebony feel
  • Hand made in the USA and FSC® Certified
  • Impact resistance and span superior to wood products
  • Machines with standard tooling

Dimensions 508 x 70 x 8mm